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About us

About J&M Communications

J & M Communications is a sales, marketing, merchandising and distribution company which assists well known companies in getting their products into the marketplace, whilst at the same time, providing great service and convenience to its customers through its range of products and services.

J & M Communications is based in Melbourne, Australia. We distribute Optus and Lycamobile Pre Paid telecommunications products in Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Western Australia. The company has been trading in its current form for over fifteen years.

Customers: J & M Communications will listen to its customers and respond rapidly by delivering new and constantly improving products. It will build relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding and will always back up its products with unparalleled service and support.

Technology: In an industry that moves at lightning speed, leading edge technology is critical to our competitiveness. J & M Communications long-term approach to research and development of new technology will enable it to deliver the best and most innovative products and technologies with a highly competitive price.

Diversity: We are committed to delivering a diverse range of products and income streams. J & M Communications range a wide selection of mobile accessories, latest Bluetooth / WiFi devices, unlocked handsets and of course Telstra complete Prepaid handsets and Broadband devices.

Integrity: Our Managers and employees must always act with the utmost integrity and be guided by what is ethical and right for our customers.

J & M Communications channels of distribution are:

  • Pharmacies, including all Major Banner Groups and Pharmacy wholesale distributors
  • Retail outlets such as: Phone stores, Photo stores, Computer stores and Office Supply Shops
  • Route Trade such as: Milk bars, Newsagency, Kiosks, etc.
  • Supermarkets the likes of IGA, Foodworks etc.
  • Education and Social Clubs
  • Travel Bureau, Airlines, Airports, Trains and Taxis.

J & M Communications are authorised distributors of Optus, pre paid mobile recharge cards, starter packs, prepaid phone packs including prepaid Broadband self install kits and mobile connection kits.

Want to know more? Phone, fax, or e-mail the J & M Communications office.