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HS120 Headset Fix Mic

RRP: $ 12.90
SKU: A12012

  • HS120

    • Large Stereo Headphones + Mic
      Quality adjustable headrest and large leather earcups with air vent for clear sound, flexible headrest attached microphone for internet calls.


    • Plug 3.5mm Golden Plug
      Frequency 20 - 20000Hz
      Mic Sensitivity 52 dB
      Mic Omni Directional
      Cable Length 120cm
      Speaker Dimensions 40mm
      Mic Impendance 2.2 K ohms
      Impedance 15 ohms
      Sensitivity 105 dB at 1Khz
      Dimensions 169 x 190 x 88mm (L x W x H)
      Weight 220g (approx.)
      Package Contents Headset with Mic

    Specifications image

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