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Samsung Galaxy A32 128GB

RRP: $ 449.00
SKU: US103

  • Samsung Galaxy A32 128GB Unlocked Handset
    The new Galaxy A32 gives you more of what you like with an awesome screen, awesome camera and long-lasting battery life. It’s the phone built for streaming, gaming and social – all coming to life on a bright 6.4” screen. Best of all, the new Fun Mode makes taking selfies even more fun.

    Product Features:

    • Camera - 64MP quad camera with Macro lens
    • Display - 6.4" Display with 90Hz refresh rate
    • Battery + Fast Charging - 5,000mAh battery lasts up to 48 hours
    • Security - Optical In Display Fingerprint Sensor
    • Gaming - Powerful gaming performance
    • Storage - 128GB on-board storage with 6GB RAM

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