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TCL 20B Dual Sim

RRP: $ 249.00
SKU: UT100

  • TCL 20B Unlocked Handset 

    Unlocked Device - compatible with all Australia SIM cards and carriers.

    SIM card not included.

    Choose the most accessible smartphone with a thin & light 3D-curved design. Find a visual enhancement through a 6.52” Display powered by NXTVISION.

    An ultra-sensing 50MP dual cam snaps your ‘decisive moments’. Keep professional-grade photos in 64GB storage. An Octa-core processor and all-day battery with supported 18W charge power up your daily use with built-in tools for extra security.

    Product Features:

    • 6.52“ NXTVISION Display
    • 50MP super-sensing dual cam + 8MP selfie cam
    • 64GB built-in memory (512GB expandable storage)
    • 4GB RAM
    • Octa-core processor
    • 4000mAh all-day battery
    • 64GB Storage
    • Android 11

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